Procure Dependencies


To complete the entire tutorial, you need a Linux or macOS workstation computer, one or more Zephyr microPlatform devices, and a Linux microPlatform device.

The Zephyr and Linux microPlatforms are portable, and builds for several boards are available. To get started, however, we recommend:

Zephyr microPlatform: at least one of the following:


Only one of these Zephyr devices is required to complete the tutorial.

Linux microPlatform:

This hardware was chosen mainly because it is well-tested with the microPlatforms, commonly available, and relatively inexpensive. Performance seems adequate for connecting up to five or so Zephyr microPlatform devices.

Subscriber Token

The latest Linux and Zephyr microPlatform updates are made continuously available to subscribers. To access subscriber-only content, you’ll need to create a subscriber access token on


[1]Since RedBear was acquired by Particle, supply of these boards has become limited; availability is expected to continue through Q1 2019.