Zephyr microPlatform Reference ManualΒΆ

The Foundries.io Zephyr microPlatform is an extensible software and hardware platform that makes it easier to develop, secure, and maintain Internet-connected microcontroller-based embedded devices.


Just getting started? Check out Install Zephyr microPlatform in the Getting Started Tutorial.

The Zephyr microPlatform is based on the Zephyr real-time operating system, and the MCUBoot secure bootloader.

It significantly simplifies the process of setting up a development environment compared to the “vanilla” Zephyr distribution by providing:

  • A Repo manifest, which automates fetching and synchronization of known-good combinations of source trees and build toolchains.
  • A tool called zmp, which acts as an optional front-end to the Zephyr and MCUBoot build and flash systems, and turns common tasks requiring multiple steps in the vanilla distributions into one-line shell commands.
  • Reference applications which can be used in concert with the Linux microPlatform and cloud system containers provided by Foundries.io to create functional IOT systems to use as a basis for development.