Linux microPlatform OpenEmbedded / Yocto Layers

The Linux microPlatform is composed of several OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project layers, including the core build system, distribution, images and BSPs.

Linux microPlatform Layers

OpenEmbedded-Core (Base)This is the main collaboration point when working on OpenEmbedded projects and is part of the core recipes. It is distro-less and contains only emulated machine support. It also provides the default toolchain used by the Linux microPlatform (lmp) distribution.
Meta-OpenEmbeddedThis layer houses a collection of layers and recipes for the OE-core universe. Since the reduction in recipes to the core, meta-openembedded was created for everything else. There are currently approximately 650 recipes in this layer. It is used by the Linux microPlatform for additional utilities and network support.
Meta-LinaroThis layer provides OP-TEE support.
Meta-VirtualizationThis layer provides support for building Docker, LXC, Xen, KVM, Libvirt, and associated packages necessary for constructing OE-based virtualized / container solutions. It is used by the Linux microPlatform for Docker container runtime support.
Meta-UpdaterThis layer provides support for OTA Software Updates using OSTree and TUF / Uptane.
Meta-LMP (Distro)This layer provides the Linux microPlatform distribution configuration, unified Kernel and images.
Meta-Intel (BSP)This is the board support layer for Intel based devices.
Meta-RaspberryPi (BSP)This is the board support layer for the Raspberry Pi boards.
Meta-RISC-V (BSP)This is the general hardware specific BSP overlay for RISC-V based devices.
Meta-Yocto (BSP)This is the board support layer for the Yocto Project hardware references, such as BeagleBone Black.
Meta-96boards (BSP)This layer is managed by Linaro and intended for boards that do not have their own board support layer repository. Currently used for HiKey / HiKey960 Consumer Edition board support.
Meta-Qcom (BSP)This is the board support layer for Qualcomm boards. Currently supports DragonBoard 410c and DragonBoard 820c.
Meta-Freescale (BSP)This is the board support layer for the Freescale platforms.
Meta-Freescale-3rdparty (BSP)This is an additional board support layer for Freescale platforms (not officially supported by Meta-Freescale maintainers).

Linux microPlatform Meta-LMP Layer

The Meta-LMP layer provides the Linux microPlatform distribution configuration and a base set of recipes and configs, such as a unified Linux kernel and a gateway image.

The Linux microPlatform distribution configuration can be found at conf/distro/lmp.conf and conf/distro/include/

The lmp-gateway-image recipe can be found at recipes-samples/images/ You can find the default set of packages used by the image via the CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL variable.