Linux microPlatform Development ContainerΒΆ

You can install a Docker container based on Ubuntu 16.04 which provides a Linux microPlatform build environment. This is the recommended work environment for building Linux microPlatform images on macOS and Windows.

  1. Install Docker.

  2. If you haven’t already, log in to the subscriber container registry on the system which will run the development container:

    docker login --username=unused

    The username is currently ignored when logging in, but a value must be provided. When prompted for the password, enter your subscriber access token.

  3. Run update 33 of the container as the builder user:

    docker run -it -u builder --name lmp-sdk
  4. Set up Git inside the container:

    git config --global "Your Full Name"
    git config --global ""

You can now follow instructions in Building the Linux microPlatform to build the Linux microPlatform inside the running container.