Docker App Store

The Community Factory includes several examples of containers that can be run on a device based on Docker App.


This is a minimal container that runs a web server using bash and netcat. Its useful for quick sanity checks of platform functionality.


Runs the chromium browser inside a container and displays a website.


This docker-app establishes the services needed to enable routing of OpenThread traffic to your standard network. This includes DNS64, CoAP-HTTP proxy, and NAT64 for IPv6->IPv4 traffic translation.


This requires an OpenThread compatible NCP to be configured and installed on your machine.

How to enable a Docker App

In order to enable a Docker App deployment you first need to configure aktualizr/aktualizr-lite.

As the root user create a file /var/sota/sota.toml with the following contents:

docker_apps = "shellhttpd"

This example enables the shellhttpd docker-app. If you would like to enable multiple docker-apps you can simply create a list:

docker_apps = "shellhttpd, x-kiosk"

Which will enable shellhttpd and x-kiosk.

Your next OTA update will include docker-apps. However, you can force the current update to include docker-apps by running the following:

# stop aktualizr-lite
sudo systemctl stop aktualizr-lite
# run a manual update
sudo aktualizr-lite update
# start aktualizr-lite
sudo systemctl start aktualizr-lite